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  Original Study
  Acral Melanoma - A clinicopathological Study of 25 Patients-
Jauh-Jyh Hurng, Chrang-Shi Lin, Wen-Jen Wang, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 3: 143-152, 1985

Clinical and histopathological analyses of 25 cases of acral melanoma were carried out in this study. Among cutaneous malignant melanoma, the acral lentiginous type of melanoma comprised 33% (25/96) in our hospital during the last 23 years. Most of our patients ranged in age from 50 to 70 years. Sole and toe were the two most frequently involved areas. Histologically, all skin biopsies showed biphasic growth patterns and consisted of either spindle cells or epitheloid cells or both. Due to the p ..................More
  Case Report
  Histopathological and Electron Microscopical Studies on Acral Melanoma
Jen-Hong Yang, Chrang-Shi Lin, Wen-Jen Wang, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 3: 153-160, 1985

Acral melanoma is a rare malignant tumor and is notorious for its poor prognosis. Included in this report of our patient are clinical pictures, disease course, histopathological and electron microscopical studies and treatment. We regard that early diagnosis of this fatal disease is the most effective way to improve the patient's survival. ..................More
  Multiple Tumors Arising in Nevus Sebaceus - A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Miaw-Shyun Changlai, Ming-Jing Chen, Tseng-Tong Kuo, Yue-Zon Kuan
Dermatol Sinica 3: 161-166, 1985

A large yellow plaque on the forehead of a 37-year-old man was histologi-cally verified as a nevus sebaceus of Jadassohn, which was also found to give rise to multiple adnexal tumors including syringocystadenoma papilliferum, sebaceous epithelioma, trichilemmoma and basaloid proliferation. This case illustrates the importance of prophylactic removal of nevus sebaceus ..................More
  Angioblastoma (Nakagawa) - A Case Report with Immunohistochemical and Electronmicrosocopic Studies
Hamm-Ming Sheu, Hsin-Su Yu, Tsu-Chieh Shen, Chung-Ho Chien, Ching-Chun Pan
Dermatol Sinica 3: 167-176, 1985

23-year-old girl visited our office because of a gradually enlarged red lesion with tenderness and hyperhidrosis on her left flank area for ten years. When examined, the skin lesion was 8㎝×20㎝in size with irregular border. The surface of the lesions was composed of many red to purple scaling papules. By palpation, it was slightly infiltrated. Light microscopy revealed nest-like proliferation of the tumor cells with frequent formation of vascular space in the middle to deep dermis. Immunohis ..................More
  Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection Induced Erythema Nodosum
Chin-Fang Lu, Yue-Zon Kuon, Heng-Leong Chan, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 3: 177-186, 1985

Erythema nodosum induced by Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection is a very rare condition. We report a 32-year-old female patient who developed multiple erythematous tender nodules on both legs and arms for 3 days, which were associated with chillness, high fever, general malaise, cough, sore throat, conjunctivitis, arthralgia, inspiratory chest pain and headache. Chest X-ray showed no significant change. Skin biopsy presented the changes of erythema nodosum, and direct immunofluroesence revealed abs ..................More
  Phenytoin Hypersensitivity Reaction - Three Cases Report and Review of the Literature-
Tzu-Lung Chien, Heng-Leong Chan, Yue-Zon Kuan
Dermatol Sinica 3: 187-192, 1985

Phenytoin Hypersensitivity Reaction (PHR) is a rare disease. Three cases of PHS are reported here. All three patients receive phenytoin to treat epilepsy. It takes three to five weeks to develop Phenytoin Hypersensitivity Reaction in our cases. PHR is cosisted of high fever, skin rash, lymphadenopathy, leukocy-tosis with atypical lymphocytes and eosinophilia, and hepatitis. Myalgia may be associated. Systemic steroid obtains good results but it recurs several times even discontinuation of phenyt ..................More
  Minidose Heparin Therapy for Atrophie Blanche
Pei-Ling Tsai, Wen-Liang Lee, Ruey-Yi Lin
Dermatol Sinica 3: 193-196, 1985

The cause of atrophie blanche is due to the recurrent embolization of vessels in the dermis and is a disease resistant to treatment. This report concerns about the use of minidose heparin therapy by subcutaneous injection in treating atrophie blanche. During the course of three months treatment, the wounds were healing gradually and no new lesion was developed. ..................More
  Hyperkeratosis Lenticularis Perstans Flegel - Report of a Case -
Hsien-Chih Kuo, Tsu-Chieh Shen, Gwo-Shing Chen
Dermatol Sinica 3: 197-202, 1985

A case of hyperkeratosis lenticularis perstans Flegel with lesion extending on the palm and sole is reported. The patient was a 28-year-old female, she had small asymptomatic reddish-brown hyperkeratotic papules on the dorsal aspects of the feet for one year. Several punctate round lesions with whitish fine scaling were noted also on the palms and soles. In respect of the clinical pictures, the histological features, the pattern of inheritance and the differential diagnosis of the condition are ..................More
  Histiocytosis - X
Shyi-Shium Liaw, Chang-Yie Wu, Kao-Chia Yang
Dermatol Sinica 3: 203-209, 1985

Histiocytosis X is a disease of unknown cause characterized by a proliferation of histiocytes.Three clinical forms are recognized: Letterer-Siwe disease,Hand-Schuller-Christian disease and eosinophilic granulcoma The 3 conditions are not sharply demaracted from each other,and transitional cases among them are common. In general,if the histiocytosis occurs during the first year of life,it is characterized by major and often fatal visceral involvement (Letterer-Siwe disease). If it develops during ..................More
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