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  Pigmentary Disorder, update------
Yoshiaki Hori, Akihiko Uno, Yasuo Kubota, Makoto Kawashima, Atsushi Kukita, Kuniaki Oohara, Shigeo Nishiyama, Kichisaku Kato, Nobuko Tsuru, Michiko Yamamoto, Etsuro Ogata
Dermatol Sinica 5: 57-66, 1987

  Original Study
  Immunopathological Findings and Immune Complexes in Lichen Planus
Sang-Heng Kok, Ying-Chin Wu, Hsien-Ching Chiu, Andy Sun, Yau-Chin Lu
Dermatol Sinica 5: 1-8, 1987

Direct immunofluorescent staining was performed on biopsy specimens from 21 oral lichen planus, 5 skin lichen planus, 13 lupus erythematosus patients and 10 healthy subjects. Levels of circulating immune complexes in 14 of the patients with oral lichen planus were examined and the results were compared to those obtained from a group of 41 healthy subjects which served as controls. Staining of the basement membrane zone was most frequently noted in the various lesions and specimens taken from hea ..................More
  Case Report
  Histiocytoma, involuting---A Case Report
Bor-Jeng Tsai, Hsu-Po Yeh, Chun-Hsiang Chang
Dermatol Sinica 5: 9-14, 1987

A 53-year-old male complained of having an asymptomatic, slowly growing papule on the posterior aspect of his left thigh for about one year. Physical examination revealed a dome shaped, grayish brown colored, welldefined, firm papule, about 7 mm in diameter, with black crusts on the center and an erythematous base. No past history of trauma or local inflammation was noted on the site of the skin lesion. Pathological examination showed a histiocytoma, except the vascular changes. The capillaries ..................More
  Pemphigus Vegetans
Yue-Yuan Liu, Ming-Jing Chen, Yue-Zon Kuan
Dermatol Sinica 5: 15-20, 1987

Pemphigus vegetans is a variant of pemphigus vulgaris and a rarely seen disease in dermatologic practice. A 34 year-old female patient presented with multiple verrucous, vegetating plaques rising from ruptured vesicles and pustules on anogenital area for a month.Histopathologic examination disclosed suprabasal acantholysis and intraepidermal eosinophilic abscesses. Immunofluorescence study revealed IgG and C3 deposit intercellularly. The lesions resolved with hyperpigmentation after 3 weeks of s ..................More
  Sweet's syndrome associated with pericardial effusion A case report and review of the literature
Ming-Lung Hsu, Hsien-Ching Chiu, Ying-Chin Wu, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 5: 21-28, 1987

A 52-year-old male patient developed recurrent skin rash, concurrent fever, leukocytosis, good response to corticosteroid therapy and healing without scarring. The skin rash was characterized by round plaques with tenderness and asymmetrically distributed on face, neck and upper extremities. In view of time sequence, the recurrent skin rash, occurring twice with preceding pericardial effusion, might be due to hypersensitivity reaction to certain antigen coming from the episode of infective peric ..................More
Tsong-Huo Huang, Edna Ang, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 5: 29-32, 1987

The 2 year-old male boy was noted to have several variously-sized, asymptomatic, cutaneous papulonodules on the abdomen in the early infancy. On histologic examination, hyperplasia of the hair follicles and of perifollicular fibrous tissue was found, and"Fibrofolliculoma"was diagnosed. It was the first case reported in Taiwan. ..................More
  Large head and neck basal cell carcinoma: treatment with the carbon dioxide laser --- Case report
Kao-Chia Yang
Dermatol Sinica 5: 33-36, 1987

It is troublesome to handle the large basal cell carcinoma of head and neck. This is an aged female patient, suffered from a large basal cell carcinoma, measured as 10x7㎝, over the left temporal side.The tumor mass was excised and removed by CO2 laser. We would like to present this case in detail for being worth treating with the CO2 laser. ..................More
  Granulocytic sarcoma of the skin
Maureen M.P. Utz, W.P. Daniel Su, Sigfrid A. Muller, Chin-Yang Li
Dermatol Sinica 5: 37-44, 1987

Two patients with granulocytic sarcoma of the skin are described. In one, a 71-year-old woman with agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, granulocytic sarcoma of the skin developed on the buttocks, shin, labia majora, inframammary area, arms, and left thigh. The other patient, a 57-year-old man, had acute myelomonocytic leukemia involving the conjunctiva. Both patients died. Histopathologic examination and histochemical stains are helpful in establishing the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of this t ..................More
  Pretibial Myxedema: Two Cases Report and Literature Review
Lu-Wen Lin, Y.S. Fu, F. Watanabe
Dermatol Sinica 5: 45-50, 1987

Lesions of pretibial myxedema present clinically as circumscribed, symmetrical, nonpitting, flesh-colored, pink, or violaceous plaques or nodules that involve the anterolateral aspects of the lower extremities.We report two cases of pretibial myxedema. One occurred before thyroid dysfunction and another case had a history of hyperthyroidism. A 56-year-old female patient and a 48-year-old male patient developed typical clinical and histological findings of pretibial myxedema. Laboratory studies s ..................More
  Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis of The Newborn --- Report of a case
Tse-Jen Lou, Hsin-Su Yu, Ho-Ming Tseng, Tsu-Chieh Shen
Dermatol Sinica 5: 51-55, 1987

A one-month-old full-term male baby with clinical manifestations and pathological findings diagnostic of subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn is presented. Favorable outcome without any sequelae is noted in the follow-up. In this case, fetal distress may be one of the causative factors, since meconium passage, emergency cesarean section, and lack of spontaneous respiration were observed at birth. ..................More
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