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  Original Study
  Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome Due to Topical Corticosteroid Application
Chung-Hsing Chang, Hamm-Ming Sheu, Jaw-Shin Kao, Hsin-Yu Su
Dermatol Sinica 8: 129-136, 1990

We reported 5 cases of Cushing's syndrome due to topical corticosteroid application. Among them, 3 had erythrodermic and 2 had pustular psoriasis. 0.05% Clobetasol 17-propionate ointment was applied by 4 patients and 0.064% betamethasone dipropionate ointment by one. Combination therapy with oral etretinate was given to 3 of them. In our observation the possible potentiating factors responsible for Cushing's syndrome were: barrier function defect and increased blood flow noted in psoriatic l ..................More
  CO2 Laser Surgery for Large Head and Neck Skin Cancer
Kuo-Chia Yang, Chin-Yih Tsai, Guan-Sen Shen
Dermatol Sinica 8: 137-141, 1990

Since the carbon dioxide laser seals the blood vessels during surgery, the he-mostatic effect if universally accepted. It has the functions of cutting for tissue dissection and evaporation for coagulation. In the study, we divided six cases of excision for large head and neck skin cancer (about 5 cm in diameter) into two groups (conventional scalpel surgery in 3 cases as group I, laser surgery in 3 cases as group II) for comparative study. Group I experienced blood loss in the range from 200 ..................More
  Case Report
  Localized Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (Weber-Cockayne)
Shou-Jung Wan, Yeong-Hsin Lin, Jen-Hong Yang, Han-Nan Liu
Dermatol Sinica 8: 143-150, 1990

A 19-year-old man has suffered from recurrent blisters over acral parts of four limbs since early childhood. These bullae usually occurred after minor trauma and healed without scarring. There is no abnormality in nails, teeth or hair. Patient's mother and the elder of his two younger sisters have similar symptoms and signs. Based on the clinical manifestations, family history, histopathological fingings, immunofluorescent study and electron microscopic examination, localized epi-dermolysis ..................More
  Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome
Jer-En Jiang, Chun-Hsiang Chang, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 8: 151-159, 1990

Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome, also known as hemangioma-hemorrhage syn-drome, is a giant hemangioma associated with decreased level of circulating platelets and clotting factors similar to that of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Here we present a 5 month-old male baby with a large hemangioma on the right side of his chest, who developed superficial ecchymoses over the enlarging hemangioma, thrombocytopenia and consumption coagulopathy after punch biopsy of the hemangioma, and the syndr ..................More
  Congenital Cutaneous Candidiasis
Kou-Huan Tseng, Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dermatol Sinica 8: 161-167, 1990

We report two cases of congenital cutaneous candidiasis, Both of the newborns presented generalized erythematous papules, vesicles and pustules since birth. No systemic involvement was noted. They responded well to the topical ..................More
  Eccrine Angiomatous Hamartoma
Haw-Jeong Lin, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 8: 169-176, 1990

We report two cases of eccrine angiomatous hamartoma with rather classical clinical and histopatological pictures. Case 1 was a 24 years old female who noted a painful nodule over dorsum of right foot for more than 10 years. The histopatho-logical examination showed hyperplasia and conformational change of sweat glands, and groups of dilated or septated blood vessels that were located near the sweat glands. There were also significant amount of mucin deposit mainly surrounding the blood vesse ..................More
  Delayed Flare-up Reactions Carsed by Jellyfish
Huey-Jen Su, Hsiu-Chin Chen, Nien-Chang Liao
Dermatol Sinica 8: 177-182, 1990

There are two types of reaction caused by jellyfish stings: an immediate "toxic" reaction and a delayed "allergic" reaction. We report one case of delayed flare-up cutaneous reactions caused by jellfish. ..................More
  Metastatic Carcinoma of the Scalp
Min-Hung Huang, Kuo-Chang Chou, Kai-Yam Ng, Jer-Min Jian, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 8: 183-189, 1990

A 66-year-old man developed cutaneous metastatic nodules of the scalp 5 years after subtotal gastrectomy for advaned gastric carcinoma. These erythematous nodules were variable in size and enlarged in recent 6 months. Histopathologic examination of the skin showed diffuse infiltration of signet-ring cells in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Profuse sialomucin in the cytoplasm was evidenced by special stains. ..................More
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