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  Acquired, Circumscribed Hypermelanotic Disorders
Yoshiaki Hori, Yasuo Kubota
Dermatol Sinica 11: 1-19, 1993

  Original Study
  Nonsegmental Type Vitiligo is Associated with HLA-DRw8 in Taiwanese
Chao-Hsing Kao, Hsin-Su Yu
Dermatol Sinica 11: 21-24, 1993

To clarify the immunogenetic influence on the expression of nonsegmental type vitiligo in 27 Taiwanese, typing of HAL-DR and HLA-DQ were performed. The results revealed a significant higher incidence of HLA-DRw8 in Taiwanese patients with nonsegmental type vitiligo. Screening the family history of 86 patients with nonsegmental type vitiligo, the results revealed that one or more members of 15 patients' family had suffered from nonsegmental type vitiligo. In nonsegmental type vitiligo, it is post ..................More
  Tinea Capitis in Children - A Clinical and Mycological Study of 34 Cases
Min-Tuo Chuan, Wen-Lee Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 11: 25-31, 1993

From July 1983 to June 1992, we collect 34 cases of tinea capitis in children at Cathay General Hospital and National Taiwan University Hospital. There were15 boys and 19 girls. The age ranged from 2 to 13 years, with a mean of 6.56 years. The most frequent clinical type was gray patch (41.18%), followed by kerion (20.59%), pustular inflammatory (14.71%), black dot (14.71%) and seborrheic (2.94%). Positive KOH findings were found in 33 cases (97.06%). Among the 24 cases received fungal culture, ..................More
  CO2 Laser for Treatment of Verruca Palmaris and Plantaris
Yong-Chai Lee, Kuo-Chia Yang
Dermatol Sinica 11: 33-38, 1993

We collected thirty-three cases of verruca palmaris and plantaris from April 1992 to July 1992. According to the number, size and distribution of lesions, we chose adequate anesthetic methods and used CO2 laser to treat these lesions, We followed up these patients for 7 months at least. Some lesions recurred in ten patients, the percentage of recurrence is 30.3% (10/33) by patient number. Eighteen lesions recurred among all the 348 lesions, the recurrence rate is 5.2% (18/348). So, in our opinio ..................More
  Case Report
  Incontinentia Pigmenti in a Male Newborn - A Case Report
Hsing-Jung Chiang, Ren-Chun Liao, Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dermatol Sinica 11: 39-46, 1993

We report a case of incontinentia pigmenti of male phenotype, who from birth, displayed many rice-grain sized erythematous papules and vesicles scattered on the face, trunk and four limbs. At two weeks old, hyperkeratotic lesions of linear pattern appeared on the limbs and brownish reticulated hyperpigmentation developed on the trunk and the limbs at the same time. Leukocytosis with marked eosinophilia was noted, and chromosome study showed normal 46XY. Histopathological studies of the vesicular ..................More
  Tinea Nigra - A Case Report
Wen-Lee Kuo, Shyh-Dyi Chuang, Hsien-Ching Chiu
Dermatol Sinica 11: 47-53, 1993

We report a case of tinea nigra with bilateral palmar involvement. A 2-year-old girl had two asymptomatic blackish macules on the left and right palms for five months and two weeks, respectively. Potassium hydroxide preparation disclosed light brownish branching septate hyphae and budding cells. Culture on Sabouraud's dextrose agar produced a typical black colony of Exophiala werneckii. Treatment with iodine and salicylic acid alcohol resulted in total clearing of the lesions. ..................More
  Cyanide Intoxication with Contact Dermatitis - A Case Report
Ren-Chun Liao, Ming-Cheng Chen, Tsue-Rong Hwang, Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dermatol Sinica 11: 55-59, 1993

We report a case of acute cyanide poisoning developed in a 37 year-old man who used poison when fishing. Irritant contact dermatitis was found on the skin where was contaminated. The patient was unconscious and presented with low blood pressure, arrhythmia, and metabolic acidosis when he was brought to the emergence room. Fortunately,after administration of cyanide antidotes and supportive treatment, he recovered without evidence of sequela. ..................More
  Scrub Typhus - A case Report
Rong-Shing Chang, Shyh-Yunn Yang, Ming-Chu Liu
Dermatol Sinica 11: 61-66, 1993

We report a case of Scrub typhus. A 56-year-old man found an eschar on right side of his neck 3 days after his journey to Penghu on August 29, 1992. Sudden attack of high fever with intermittent chillness, severe headache, myalgia, anorexia and generalized malaise were noted about 8 days later. Weil-Felix reaction revealed positive agglutination for Proteus OX-K antigen (1:160). Scrub typhus was diagnosed and the clinical course improved after oral doxycycline 200 mg once plus oral tetracycline ..................More
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