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  Original Study
  Dry Ice Cryotherapy for Nevus of Ota
Jau-Shiuh Chen, Chun-Hsiang Chang
Dermatol Sinica 11: 235-244, 1993

We use dry ice to treat 30 patients with nevus of Ota since 1987. Dry ice was applied to lesions with firm pressure for half a second to 4 seconds, once every 2 to 8 weeks (average 4 weeks). Total treatment duration ranged from 5 to 42 months. We found that better clinical responses were expected about 10 months after starting treatment. Excluding 8 cases considered inadequate duration of therapy (<10 months), 73% (16/22) of patients had more than 70% pigment clearing and 86% (19/22) of patients ..................More
  Case Report
  Disseminated Epidermolytic Acanthoma: Report of a First Case in Taiwan with Histopathologic and Ultrasturctural Studies
Chi-Jung Chung, Heng-Leong Chan, Lih-Jen Yang, Tseng-tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 11: 245-253, 1993

A 55-year-old male presented with multiple, discrete, asymptomatic, small, brown and flat-topped hyperkeratotic papules on his abdomen, bilateral antecubital areas and upper inner thighs for 3 years. Light and electron microscopic examinations showed characteristic changes consistent with epidermolytic hyperkeratosis. This is a first documented case of disseminated epidermolytic acanthoma in Taiwan. ..................More
  Human Orf - A Case Report
Kwang-Hooi Lee, Tee-Ming Tang, Fang-Liang Lee, Chih-Cheng Chang, J Yu-Yun Lee
Dermatol Sinica 11: 255-264, 1993

Orf is a viral disease endemic among sheep and goats worldwide. We report a case of human orf in a 60-year-old male farmer who presented with five lesions of erythemato-vesicular, non-tender papulo-nodules over the dorsal aspect of his right index finger. There was a history of contact with sheep, and similar scabby and papillomatous lesions were also noted over the sheep's perioral and nasal area. The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological and electron microscopic findings. The lesions re ..................More
  Familial Leiomyomatosis Cutis et Uteri (Reed's Syndrome)
Jiunn-Cherng Chen, Chun-Hsiang Chang, Hsu-Po Yeh, Shiu-Feng Huang
Dermatol Sinica 11: 265-275, 1993

A 44-year-old Taiwanese woman had a history of multiple slowly enlarging, occasionally painful, reddish-brown papules on the extensor area of her left lower extremity for 20 years. Examination of biopsy specimens showed typical piloleiomyomas. The patient's mother had similar skin eruptions on the lower back, neck, and chest for more than 35 years and the result of the mother's skin biopsy, 15 years ago, was also piloleiomyomas. The patient and her mother all had total hysterectomy after their l ..................More
  Albinism - A Case with Immunohistochemical Studies
Jin-Wha Kang, Chao-Hsing Kao, Chiung-Chun Pan, Ching-Jer Hsu, Tzu-Man Wu, Hsin-Su Yu
Dermatol Sinica 11: 277-285, 1993

A 47-year-old male was born with depigmentation of whole body, hair and eyes; and had a albinism family history. In recent two years, multiple crusted nodules developed on sun exposed area. Biopsies taken from above lesions revealed either carcinoma in situ or invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Besides, the SCC-free depigmented skin biopsy showed markedly actinic aging. The dopa reaction of hair bulb showed positive response. The serum level of tyrosine was normal. The melanocyte culture ob ..................More
  Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia with Xanthomas
Chi-Fang Chu, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 11: 287-295, 1993

Homozygous familial hypercholoesterolemia is a very rare autosomal dominantly inherited metabolic disease. Cutaneous and tendinous xanthomas usually evolves in the first few years of life. Death due to premature coronary atherosclerosis usually occurrs before age 20. We herein present a case of 12-year-old girl, who developed tuberous, tendinous, and unique elevated planar xanthomas on the buttocks, knees, elbows, ankles, and the extensor aspect of hands by age one. Symptoms of cardiac involveme ..................More
  Relapsing Polychondritis with Rheumatoid Arthritis - A Case Report
Shu-Fong Hsu, Ruey-Yi Lin, Shyh-Chen Shaw, Herng-Ming Leu, Tsong-Liang Lee
Dermatol Sinica 11: 297-305, 1993

A 73-year-old female patient had suffered, off and on, from episodes of painful swelling with variable reddish discoloration and local heat over both auricular helix and antihelix for more than 10 years. Painful swelling of nasal cartilage and, sometimes, distal inter-phalangeal joints were noted simutaneously. These symptoms and signs usually persisted for several days, then subsided gradually with medication. Immunologic study revealed positive rheumatoid factor (64x) and antinuclear antibody ..................More
  Blastomycosis-like Pyoderma - A Case Report
Ruey-Yun Huang, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 11: 307-312, 1993

We herein report a case of blastomycosis-like pyoderma, an uncommon cutaneous disorder characterized by a vegetating tissu reaction, which is likely caused by bacterial infection. The 64-year-old male, a victim of pulmonary tuberculosis, had a large plaque with multiple discharging pores over the left shin for 2 months. The skin biopsy revealed pseudoepitheliomatuos hyperplasia and multiple abscesses. Bacterial cultures from the skin lesion grew Escherichia coli, Bacteroides fragilis, and Peptoc ..................More
  Nevus Lipomatosus Superficialis - Report of a Case with Unusual Presentation and Review of Literature
Guang-Hsiang Hsiao, Hsu-Po Yeh, Jau-Shiuh Chen
Dermatol Sinica 11: 313-320, 1993

Nevus lipomatosus superficialis (NLS) is a rare, benign, idiopathic nevoid malformation characterized by ectopic, dermal collection of mature adipose tissue. Clinically, it presented with solitary or multiple skin-colored, soft papules & nodules in discrete or zosteriform distribution over pelvic girdle (especially, on one buttock). The lesions are either congenital or present by the first two decades of life and usually asymptomatic. We report a case of NLS with unusual presentation. A 19-year- ..................More
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