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  Case Report
  Huge Squamous Cell Carcinoma - A Case Treated by Continuous Intralesional Injection of Bleomycin
Meng-Tsu Wu, Chaw-Hsing Kao, Hsin-Su Yu
Dermatol Sinica 12: 37-46, 1994

A 46-year-old male had huge, multiple, tumors on left lower extremity with left inguinal lymphademopathy. Histopathologic finding revealed well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma and lymph node metastasis. CT scan revealed local invasion of soft tissue. Due to patient's poor clinical condition (chronic anemia and chronic renal insufficiency), we performed continuous intralesional injection of Bleomycin with specially desinged injection set. Serial clinical and microscopic observation reveale ..................More
  Multiple Linear Spiradenomas - A Case Report
Chi-Cheng Lin, Yuh-Chiau Chiang, Hsu-Po Yeh, Ren-Fung Lee, Yu-Chang Chan
Dermatol Sinica 12: 47-54, 1994

Eccrine spiradenoma occurs as a solitary painful or tender skin tumor. Occasionally, multiple lesions and malignant degeneration are present.We report an 11-year-old female who has developed multiple pinkish papules in linear arrangement on the ventral aspect of her R't forearm since 8 years old. These lesions enlarged gradually and became painful & tender in recent 1-2 years. Histopathological examination showed a tumor consisted of several lobules, encapsulated by fibrous tissue, located in th ..................More
  Multiple Piloleiomyoma of the Face - A Case Report
Yih-Ru Chen, Hsin-Yi Su, Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dermatol Sinica 12: 55-60, 1994

A 30-year-old Taiwanese male was evaluated because of a history of multiple firm, reddish-brown papules occurring over the right cheek, mandibular area and neck for about 10 years. The old papules gradually enlarged and new lesions continued to form. Some of the papules arranged in groups, in linear fashion, or coalesced to form small plagues .The large lesions were painful and tender when exposed to cold in recent one year. Biopsy specimen of the large skin lesion with H & E and Masson;s trichr ..................More
  Follicular Mucinosis - A Case Report
Long-Rule Wang, Sheng-Whay Lee, Jen-Hung Yang
Dermatol Sinica 12: 61-68, 1994

We described a 19-year-old male student presented as progressive hair loss on right eyebrow for two months. Clinically, there is an ill-defined, erythematous indurated plaque, about 3 cm in diameter, with hair loss on lateral one third of right eyebrow. Histopathology showed abundant mucin deposit in outer root sheath of hair follicle, which suggested the diagnosis of follicular mucinosis. The lesion regressed completely and the hair regrew on the eyebrow eight months later. ..................More
  Eccrine Nevus - A Case Report
Yu-Hung Wu, Yang-Jyh Lin, Hsiu-Chin Chen, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 12: 69-76, 1994

The eccrine nevus, formed by hyperplasia of well-differentiated sweat apparatus, is an exceptional entity of organoid eccring hamartoma without other hamartomatous components such as angiomatous, pilar or lipomatous structure. We report a case of eccrine nevus which observed in a 2-year-old boy. The lesion represents a soft, pinkish to yellowish, lobulated plaque about 2x 1.5 x 1 cm over vertex with hyperhidrosis since birth. Histopathological examination shows numerous sweat glands and ducts in ..................More
  Acantholytic Dyskeratotic Epidermal Nevus -A Case Report
Ching-Ming Wang, Gwo-Shing Chen, Hsin-Su Yu
Dermatol Sinica 12: 77-83, 1994

We report a case of acantholytic dyskeratotic epidermal nevus. A 40-year-old male had had unilateral linear keratotic papules and plaques on his right side of back and right flank for 1 year. The skin biopsy revealed typical changes of Darier's disease but no family history or other associated features of Darier's disease were noted. So we diagnosed him as a rare case of acantholytic dyskeratotic epidermal nevus. ..................More
  Infantile Digital Fibroma - Conservatism Is The Best Modality of Treatment
Tak-Wah Wong, Hsien-Ching Chiu
Dermatol Sinica 12: 85-92, 1994

A 14-month-old female toddler was brought to our outpatient clinic in September 1991. She presented with an asymptomatic fibrous plaque on her left ring finger, measuring about 1.3 x 1.6cm, grew up gradually from a small papule when she was at the age of 3 months, and finally resulted in a limitation of the involved DIP joint. A punch biopsy through the tumor margin was performed. The H&E section showed numerous interdigitation sheets of spindle-shaped tumor cells and collagen fibers in the derm ..................More
  Papillary Eccrine Adenoma - A Case Report
Jeng-Jer Chen, Hsiu-Chin Chen, Yung-Fa Chao, Hsin-Yi Su
Dermatol Sinica 12: 93-99, 1994

A case of papillary eccrine adenoma is reported. A 55-year-old male presented with a brownish nodule on he right lower leg for more than one year. Histopathological examination revealed a well-circumscribed, unencap-sulated dermal tumor composed of numerous dilated and branching tubular structures with papillary projections into the lumen, Most of the luminal contain abundant amorphorous eosinophilic substance which is PAS-positive and diastase-resistant, and also stains with alcian blue at pH 2 ..................More
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