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  Original Study
  Four Years Experience of the Pulsed Dye Laser in the Treatment
Ming-Jing Chen, Yue-zon Kuan, Heng-Leong Chan
Dermatol Sinica 15: 1-6, 1997

Progress in the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions with the laser has slowly evolved for more than 30 years. Although these lasers were successful in the treatment of many vascular lesions, a small but significant number of patients heal with hypertrophic scarring. The flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser has been used in the treatment of cutaneous vascular disorders since early 1980s. The dye laser at 585 mn has been shown to cause selective vascular destruction and decrease tissue destructio ..................More
  'Treatment of Postherpetic neuralgia with Topical Capsaicin
Chi-Fang Chu, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 7-12, 1997

Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is the most common complication of herpes zoster, paricularly in elder patients. Current treatments are usually unsatisfactory. Recently topical capsaicin treatment was reported to be effective for PHN in western literature. Twenty patients of PHN were treated with 0.025% capsaicin cream topically 4 times daily for at least 4 weeks in our study. Subjective pain scores were assessed before treatment and weekly thereafter. Sixty percent of the 20 atiemts felt significa ..................More
  Case Report
  A 6cm Long Terminal Hair Embedded in Human Skin-A Case Report-
Chao-Hui Shen, Chien-Chung Lai, Chung-Hong Hu
Dermatol Sinica 15: 13-15, 1997

A 33-year-old man had a pruritic lesion on the right lower quadrant of abdomen. It was 20×1 cm2 linear plaque and had been present for two weeks. A 6 cm long linear material was found during biopsy. Histopathologic examination revealed a terminal hair locating in dermis horizontally, and perivascular mononuclear cells infiltraion. Ten days after biopsy, the skin eruption regressed drmatically. We believe it is the longest hair, ever reported, acting as a penetrating foreign body within human sk ..................More
  Subcutaneous Spherulocystic Disease (Myospherulosis)-A Case Report-
Wu-Yen Lee, Shieh-Tai Liu, Yu-Wen Cheng, Ji-Chen Ho
Dermatol Sinica 15: 16-20, 1997

We present the case of a 47-year-old Taiwanese female with a solitary asymptomatic, and firm nodule in the right axilla for 8 months. Pathologic examination revealed cyst-like spaces in the subcutis. Numerous eosinphilic, pale, or light brown spherules were found within the cysts. Some of them aggregated together and were surrounded by an outer membrane, which later developed into a sac (parent body). They were not stained by Periodic Acid-Schiff's reaction (PAS) or Grocotl's Methenamine Silver ..................More
  Eruptive Syringoma-A Case Report-
Chun-Yu Huang, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 21-23, 1997

We report a 40-year-old male who has had a 25-year history of multiple asymptomatic skin-colored, 1 to 3 mm papules over his eyelids, and numerous brownish 2 to 3 mm papules over the chest, abdomen, back, flexor sides of arms and inner aspects of thighs. Skin biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of eruptive syringoma ..................More
  Clear Cell Papulosis-Report of A New Case-
Chung-Li Huang, Heng-Leong Chan, Tseng-tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 15: 24-27, 1997

n 1987, Kuo et al first reported a newly rectognized skin disease charaterized by multiple white papules in two young brothers. The condition was termed "clear cell papulosis" because of the presence of benign Pagetoid clear cells in the lesional epidermis. Their study concluded that the "clear cells" were aberrant sweat gland cells. Since then, several similar cases were recognized at our hospital including both female and male patients. A new case of a 5-year-old girl is reported, she presente ..................More
  Juvenile Aponeurotic Fibroma (Calcifying Aponeurotic Fibroma) -A Case Report-
Lea-Rong Lee, Chen-Te Ko, Ke-Ming Hung
Dermatol Sinica 15: 28-30, 1997

We herein report a case of juvenile aponeurotic fibroma. A 13-year-old male patient had a well-defined movable firm subcutaneous mass measuring 1cm in diameter on the left palm. This tumor mass caused neither discomfort nor limitation of movement. On histological examination the tumor was poorly circumscribed and composed of nests of fibroblasts with round or oval nuclei separated by a dense collagenous stroma. Small foci of calcification and chodroid tissue were seen throughout. ..................More
  Acral Amelanotic Melanoma -A Case Report-
Chorng-Guang Chen, Chang-Lin Chen, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 31-35, 1997

Acral amelanotic melanoma is vary rare and often presents as an erythematous and/or ulcerated nodule, easily misdiagnosed as other benign or malignant skin tumor such as pyogenic granuloma or squamous cell carcinoma. We report a typical case presenting with a progressively enlarging, unhealing, protruding, erythematous nodule over the left big toe for 8 months. Histologically, large masses of atypical, undifferentiated tumor cells scattered in the whole dermis and were devoid of any visible mela ..................More
  Cellular Neurothekeoma-A Case Report-
Shau-Pai Shi, Chin-Ming Hung, Tsen-Fang Tsai
Dermatol Sinica 15: 36-40, 1997

A 28-year-old male presented a skin-colored, soft nodule measuring 0.8cm in diameter on the right cheek for six months. The lesion was free of symptom. Histopathological and immunohistochemical examinations revealed characteristic changes consistent with cellular neurothekeoma. He received total excision of the lesion. We herein report this uncommon tumor and review the literature briefly. ..................More
  Solitary Circumscribed Neuroma of the Skin (Palisaded Encapsulated Neuroma) -A Case Report-
Chorng-Guang Chen, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 41-45, 1997

Palisaded encapsulated neuroma of the skin was first described by Reed et al in 1972. However, encapsulation and nuclear palisading were not always prominent. Therefore, Fletcher recoined the name of "solitary circumscribed neuroma" in 1989. We herein report a typical case of solitary circumscribed neuroma that presented with a asymptomatic, erythematous papule about 3mm in diameter over forehead for 10 years. After total excision, no recurrence has been noted so far. ..................More
  Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome -A Case Report-
Yi-Quang Lin, Kao-Chia Yang
Dermatol Sinica 15: 46-51, 1997

A 25-year-old male patient noted multiple protruding dark blue, violaceous subcutaneous nodules over the trunk, extremities, tongue, perianal area and glans penis since teenage. Histopathology revealed many dilated vessel channels in the dermis and cavernous hemangioma was diagnosed. Gastritis and duodenitis were noted with panendoscopic examination. About 10 bluish hemangiomas were noted over the entire colon with colonoscopy. The skin lesions were photocoagulated with CO2 laser and post-operat ..................More
  Molluscum Contagiosum Occurring in Epidermal Cysts-A Case Report-
Tzu-Cheng Huang, Yu-Chang Chan, Chi-Cheng Lin, Yuh-Chiau Chiang, Hsu-Po Yeh
Dermatol Sinica 15: 52-55, 1997

A 12-year-old male patient had a well-defined, flesh-colored, elevated, round, firm, pea-size papule on his left scapular area for 4 months. Histopathologic findings revealed that there were several cystic structures with epidermal-like squamous epithelium as their walls and containing laminated horny materials. In addition, many molluscum bodies scattered in the cyst walls and in the laminated horny materials. Diagnosis of "molluscum contagiosum ocurring in epidermal cysts" was made. The lesion ..................More
  Bullous Pemphigoid Arising in Psoriasis Treatment with Methotrexate -A Case Report and Literature Review-
Wen-Wei Lin, Hao-Chiung Lin, Kit-Ching Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 56-60, 1997

Bullous pemphigoid complicated with psoriasis was rarely reported in the literature. Many authors assumed that the coexistence of psoriasis and bullous pemphigoid was associated with some antipsoriatic treatment, especially UV light phototherapy.Herein we report a male patient with 5-year history of psoriasis treated mainly with topical steroids. Blisters developed on his bilateral lower extremities in October 1995. The skin biopsy with H&E stain and direct immunofluoresecent test showed finding ..................More
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