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  Original Study
  A Neonatal Skin Survey—Analysis of 992 Newborn Cases
I-Hsin Shih, Heng-Leong Chan
Dermatol Sinica 16: 153-158, 1998

In order to obtain the prevalence data, 992 newborns were examined for the presence of birth marks and transient skin changes during the first week of life. No skin biopsy was done, but smears were takenfrom pustules of some erythema toxicum neonatorum lesions to confirm their eosinophilic contents.Among the common birth marks are: Mongolian spots (87.7%), vascular lesion (48.7%) which include salmon patch (46.2%), port wine stain (3.9%) and both (1.4%), congenital melanocytic nevus (1.1%), cafe ..................More
  Identification of Anti-Golgi Antibody by Double-Staining Method with Antibodies to β-COP
Hong-Shang Hong, Shao-Yi Liu, Yea-Huey Chuang, Jwo-Farn Chiou
Dermatol Sinica 16: 159-163, 1998

Anti-Golgi Antibodies (AGA) were rarely reported. In screening test of anti-nuclear antibody for autoimmune disease patients by indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) using Hep-2 cells as substrate, AGA was detected as a speckled cytoplasmic staining pattern which partially surrounded the nucleus, just outside the nuclear membrance of Hep-2 cells.In order to identify and localize the AGA, we used double-staining method of normal rat kidney (NRK) cells with anti-Golgi antibodies and antibodies to β-C ..................More
  Case Report
  Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia—Report of Two Brothers with One Having Unusual Skin Manifestation—
Sindy Hu, Chih-Tei Chiang, Heng-Leong Chan, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 16: 164-170, 1998

Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (AED) is an X-linked genetic disorder that describes a heterogeneous group of conditions with a major triad of anhidrosis, hypotrichosis, and hypodontia. The affected individuals usually have distinctive facies. We encountered two brothers with typical features of AED, including central depressed face, frontal bossing, saddle nose, protruding lips, and dental abnormalities. They experienced episodes of high fever in infancy and never had sweating. The elder br ..................More
  Syringocystadenocarcinoma Papilliferum
Ching-Chi Chi, Ren-Yeu Tsai, Heng-Leong Chan, Tung-Chain Tung, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 16: 171-175, 1998

A 60-year-old male presented with two verrucous plaques on his right auricle since his childhood. A number of herb drugs had been applied to the lesions in the past. Unfortunately, these two plaques became ulcerated, and more painful and pruritic in recent one year. Histopathologic examination revealed a syringocystadenocarcinoma papilliferum. Review of the literature disclosed that only few cases were reported before. ..................More
  Necrotizing Fasciitis
Ing-Ruey Chang, Hsiu-Chin Chen, Hsin-Yi Su
Dermatol Sinica 16: 176-183, 1998

A 37-year-old female called on emergent department due to erythema and sequential painful swelling of the left foot. She was admitted under the impression of erysipelas. She was treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, but the disease progressed rapidly and purpura, hemorrhagic bullae developed. Emergent fasciotomy was performed and necrotizing fasciitis was diagnosed. Wound tissue cultures revealed polymicrobial infections. After repeated fasciotomies and antibiotics therapy, the course of the ..................More
  Degos' Syndrome
Tsung-Hsun Lee, Wu-Yeng Lee, Yu-Wen Cheng, Ji-Chen Ho, Fu-Liu Hsing
Dermatol Sinica 16: 184-190, 1998

A typical case of Degos' syndrome is reported. The 34-year-old female patient had presented multiple asymptomatic white papuloplaques located mainly on trunk and four limbs for 6 months. These lesions show porcelain-white center with surrounding erythema and telangiectasis. The eruption is pathognomonic for malignant atrophic papulosis. Thereafter, the patient had attacks of multiple intestinal infarctions caused perforations, peritonitis, and eventually death in less than 5 months. The pathogen ..................More
  Eruptive Vellus Hair Cysts—Report of a Facial Variant—
Hsien-Hung Lai, Woan-Ruoh Lee, Chien-Chung Lai, Chung-Hong Hu
Dermatol Sinica 16: 191-195, 1998

We present a case of eruptive vellus hair cysts (EVHC) appearing on the face of a 45-year-old woman. They were multiple asymptomatic, flesh-colored papules disseminated on the forehead and cheeks. Histologic study revealed keratinous cysts in the dermis, lined by a few layers of epithelial cells and containing vellus hair fragments and horny material. The previously reported cases of EVHC mainly occurred on anterior chest and extremities; only five cases of lesions limited on face have been desc ..................More
  Perifollicular Fibroma
Hsien-Hung Lai, Woan-Ruoh Lee, Chien-Chung Lai, Yun-Ho Lin
Dermatol Sinica 16: 196-201, 1998

Perifollicular fibroma (PFF) is a rare cutaneous hamartoma, which results from proliferation of the pilar connective tissue sheath. It is considered to be inherited by autosomal dominant trait. We report a case of PFF on a 44 y/o female, who presented with the cutaneous findings of multiple asymptomatic, flesh-colored, dome-shaped papules on the face and neck for 3 years. The histopathology revealed well-developed hair follicles surrounded by concentric arrangement of young collagens. These coll ..................More
  Cutaneous Metastases from Bilateral Ovarian Krukenberg Tumors
Chii-Shyan Lai, Yung-Tsai Li, Kao-Chia Yang
Dermatol Sinica 16: 202-206, 1998

Cutaneous metastasis from ovary carcinoma is very rare. We report a 49-year-old female patient with bilateral ovarian Krukenberg tumors noted two nodules over forehead and upper chest wall 8 months after tumor romoval. These nodules were flesh-colored and erythematous, soft, unmovable as well as about 10 and 15mm in diameter, respectively. We did excisional biopsies and histopathologic findings revealed infiltration of signet ring cells as well as some glandular formation between dermal collagen ..................More
  Proliferating Trichilemmal Cyst
Yi-Hua Liao, Chung-Ren Tseng, Tsen-Fang Tsai, Cheng-Hsiang Hsiao
Dermatol Sinica 16: 207-210, 1998

Proliferating trichilemmal cyst has not been reported previously in Taiwan. Here we report a case in a 26-year-old woman who had a slowly growing mass on the scalp for 2 years. Physical examination disclosed a 4.0 x 4.0 x 1.5 cm, firm, erythematous mass over the mid-occipital area. Histological examination revealed well-demarcated lobules of squamous epithelium with central trichilemmal keratinization. Abundant nuclear atypiia, mitotic figures, and dyskeratotic cells were also noted. The tumor w ..................More
  Srewart-Treves Syndrome
Chien-Ping Chiang,Wei-Ming Wang, Run-Yu Lin
Dermatol Sinica 16: 211-216, 1998

Srewart-Treves Syndrome (STS) is a rare skin disorder defined as a malignant tumor of vascular endothelium arising in an area of chronic lymphedema, usually in an arm following radical mastectomy. A 65-year-old female, who received radical mastectomy as treatment of breast cancer 26 years ago, has suffered from chronic lymphedema on her right arm for 15 years. Multiple dark red macules on the same limb have been noted since April, 1997 and painful grouped blisters with central ulceration over he ..................More
  Primary Lymphocutaneous Nocardisosi Caused by Nocardia asteroids
Wen-Cheng Wang, Chin-Chou Chen, Jui-Lung Shen, Wen-Jen Wang
Dermatol Sinica 16: 217-222, 1998

A 77-year-old man presented with an itching tiny papule in the middle of forehead for more than 1 week. Unfortunately, several painful erythematous nodules in linear distribution with subsequent abscess formation erupted on the left side of the face in the next week. Histopathological examination showed mixed acute and chronic inflammation. Microscopic examination of the pus revealed Gram positive, partial acid-fast, branching, filamentous microorganism. Milk-white glabrous colonies were isolate ..................More
  Generalized Granuloma Annulare
Tzu-Ling Hsu, Hon-Ru Yu, Ming-Tuo Chuan, Shih-Hung Huang
Dermatol Sinica 16: 223-229, 1998

Generalized granuloma annulare is an uncommon, cutaneous, granulomatous disease, generally considered a disseminated from of localized granuloma annulare. It differs from the localized from by a later age of onset, protracted course with only rare spontaneous resolution, poor response to therapy, and an increased prevalence of HLA-Bw35. A 44-year old man presented with generalized, asymptomatic, erythematous-violaceous patches and plaques on the trunk and extremities. No lesion showed an annular ..................More
  Signet Ring Basal Cell Carcinoma
Meng-Ying Hsieh, J. Yu-Yun Lee
Dermatol Sinica 16: 230-235, 1998

Signet ring basal cell carcinoma is a very rare cariant of basal cell carcinoma characterized by individual cell keratinization of the neoplastic basaloid cells. Three cases have been reported in the English literature to date. A basal cell carcinoma was removed from the left infraorbital area in a 74-year-old woman. Histologically, the majority of the neoplastic cells contained solitary eosinophilic intracytoplasmic inclusions which deformed the nuclei and gave the cells a signet-ring appearanc ..................More
  Acute Hemorrhagic Edema of Infancy
Chih-Hsun Yang, I-Hsin Shih, Lih-Jen Yang, Heng-Leong Chan, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 16: 236-241, 1998

Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy is an unusual variant from of leukocytoclasic vasculitis. The clinical picture has a sudden onset with a short benign course followed by spontaneous recovery. It presents clinically as painful petechiae and ecchymosis that become edematous and develop a target-like (cockade) appearance. The head and distal portions of the extremities are favored sites. The vasculitis appears to be limited to the skin, and complete recovery without sequelae is expected. We repor ..................More
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