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Preliminary report of Clinical Experience in Ketoconazole
Ming-Tuo Chuan, Ying-Chin Wu, Yau-Chin Lu, Kuo-Lin In
Dermatol Sinica 1: 9-12, 1983

Ketoconazole is an imidazole derivative that may fill the need for a safe,orally effectve,broad spectrum antifungal agent. In order to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Ketoconazole in treatment of fungal infections,forty-nine patients were treated with Ketoconazole 200mg once a day. There were forteen patients wth pityriasis versicolor,forty-three patients with dermatophyte infections,one case of tinea unquium had been treated with griseofulvin,one case of Kerion Celsi,and two cases of sporotrichosis. Ketoconazole was more effective to the inflammatoy lesion,pruritus,erythema and vesicle got improvement rapidly. The patients had been followed for periods of three to twelve weeks. Ten (71.4%)patients of pityriasis Versicolor were cured in three to six weeks,33 patients (76.7%)of dermatophyte infection were cured in three to eight weeks and 8 patients with recurrence. Ketoconazole was also effective to the hyperkeratotic lesion,but took 11 to 12 weeks. One case of Tinea unguium got improvement and one case of kerion was cured. But to the sporotrichosis, it is not so effective. Except there was a case of severe headache,no other significant adverse effects had been found in this study.

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