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Eumycotic Mycetoma
Shue-Chian Wang, Hsin-Yuan Wu, Chin-Tzong Hwang, Kao-Chai Yang
Dermatol Sinica 1: 17-20, 1983

A 57-Yr-OLEL MALE,Taiwanese,came back from New Guinea about 30 years ago when noticed a small subcutaneous nodule at the medial aspect of the left 4th toe. Form then on, the number and size of the nodules increased over the dorsum of the left foot. Two experiences of puslike discharge from the overlying skin were noticed,but it was healed after management. In the past 4 years the patient got times of operation, but recurred soon. Neither pain nor itching was complained of and no deformity or difficulty on walking was noticed. After the operation in our hospital, infection by the true fungus "Monosporiun apiospermum was confirmed.

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