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Dermatomyositis of Childhood - A Case Report
Hueih-Fong Kao, Wen-Liang Lee, Ruey-Yi Lin, Wei-San Lin
Dermatol Sinica 4: 37-42, 1986

The prognosis for complete functional recovery in children with dermatomyositis prior to the use of aggresive high dose steroid therapy was extremely poor, approximately one third of the children died during the acute phase of the disease, one third survived with severe residual disability, and one third had complete recovery. This patient had a good response to high dose steroid therapy in the first relapse, but attack appeared again later. The relapses may be due to the misdiagnosis and misuse of low dose steroid therapy in the early course of the disease, because good functional recovery and minimal calcinosis are obtained with treatment early after the onset of the symptoms with high dose prednisolone for an adequate length of time. In avoiding the side effects of steroid therapy, combined immunosuppressive therapy may be better. And low calcium and low phosphate diet therapy was ineffective in controlling the formation of calcinosis.

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