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Annular Granulomatous Skin Lesion Due To Fusarium Roseum. Successful management with Ketoconazole
Soo-Pin Ooi, Tein-Tai Chen, Hsu-Yung Hsieh
Dermatol Sinica 4: 49-52, 1986

Species of Fusarium are important plant pathogens and common soil fungi, and they are usually considered as"opportunistic"pathogenic fungi in humans. Infection of the skin, nails and cornea have been reported. However, deep invasion or disseminated infection are rare. Most Fusarium isolated from burn patients are Fusarium monilis1 or Fusarium oxysporum2 Similar species of Fusarium are also found in a few cases in which the fungus induces the granuloma formation of the skin.3 In our case, the Fusarium roseum4 was the primary pathogen which caused the formation of an annular, granulomatous skin lesion.

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