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The Sex Hormone Study of Acne Vulgaris in Chinese Female
Mei-Yue Huang, Chien-Te Hung, Chung Hsiang Lee
Dermatol Sinica 5: 85-90, 1987

The sex hormones, including DHEA-S, androstenedione, estradiol and testosterone were studied in a group of 41 female patients who visited the special clinic of acne vulgaris of Taipei Municipal Yang-Ming Hospital. 18 patients (44%)were found to have high level of testosterone, and the mean value of experimental group was higher than the control group who had no acne vulgaris but in the same age distribution. It was 82.62±37.32 VS. 49.9±18.6. The difference showed to be statistically different by two tailed t test (t=5.45, p<0.0001).The patients who had high level of testosterone always companied with moderate or severe form of clinical manifestation. The check-up of testosterone in therapy-resistant or persistant patients is mandatory.

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