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Cutaneous Extramedullary Hematopoiesis -- Report of A Case and Review of the Literature
Hong-Shang Hong, Ming-Jing Chen, Yue-Zon Kuan, Tseng-Tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 5: 171-176, 1987

We report a case of chronic myelogeneous leukemia associated with myelofibrosis. The clinical picture shows multiple subcutaneous nodules. Histopathologically, cutaneous extramedullary hematopoiesis was diagnosed by skin biopsy and the cellular components include myeloid cell, megakaryocyte and erythroid cell.Cutaneous extrmedullary hematopoiesis is extremely rare, we belicve this is the first case reported in Taiwan. We review the literatures and make a comparison of these cases.

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