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Cutaneous Chylous Reflux - A Case Report -
Li-Chung Chern, Chrang-Shi Lin, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 6: 41-46, 1988

The cutaneous lesions associated with reflux of chyle and lymphatic fluid from the skin have received little attention in the dermatological literature. In this article, we reported the first case of cutaneous chylous reflux in our country. A 22-year-old female suffered from numerous papulovesicles on the anteriomedial aspect of the left thigh. Milk-like fluid was drained out from these ruptured papulovesicles intermittently. Lymphangiogram revealed dilatation and torturosity of lymphatic vessels. The electron microscopical study revedaled the dilated and abnormal lymphatics in the dermis. Among others, the free space between the endothelial cell and adjacent collagen fibers and the peculiar intraluminal septum wre new findings.

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