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Dysplastic Nevi
Chi-Yung Yang, Yi-Tuen Chung, Ruey-Yi Lin
Dermatol Sinica 7: 115-124, 1989

Dysplastic nevi and dysplastic nevus syndrome, either familial or sporadic, are recently defined entities. Dysplastic nevi are acquired, flat or slightly elevated nevi with characteristic climical appearance. These nevi, usually larger than 5 mm in diameter, have an irregular shape with ill-defined margin and uneven color with erythematous hue. The histologic features of these nevi includes(1)proliferation of melanocytes which may show cytoatypia(2)proliferation of kerationocytes, and(3)mesenchymal reactions including fibrosis, lymphocytic infiltration and neovascularization. Epidemiologic studies have shown an increased risk of malignant melanoma for patients with dysplastic nevi. We herein report a case of dysplastic nevi and briefly review the literatures.

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