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A Clinical Trial of 3% Diazoxide Solution for Androgenetic Alopecia
Chung-Tai Wei, Chu-Kwan Wong, Ken Hashimoto
Dermatol Sinica 7: 209-213, 1989

An open clinical trial of 3% Dizoxide solution was performed for androgenetic alopecia during the last 18 months. Of the total 20 cases, 11 cases (55%) had either moderate or dense hair regrowth after application varying from 3 to 11 months but 7 cases (35%) failed to show any progress after the treatment. Neither systemic cardiovascular side effects nor significant changes of blood pressure were found during the whole period of study. There were no significant laboratory abnormalities that could be ascribed to the study medication. However , one case developed local dermatitis and was forced to drop out from the trial.With a general impression, the 3% Diazoxide solution appears to be an effective and safe topical application. In order to assess the true efficacy, it is highly desirable that a future study in a large number of cases on the double blind base should be carried out to substantiate the efficacy and safety of topical Diazoxid solution.

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