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CO2 Laser Surgery for Large Head and Neck Skin Cancer
Kuo-Chia Yang, Chin-Yih Tsai, Guan-Sen Shen
Dermatol Sinica 8: 137-141, 1990

Since the carbon dioxide laser seals the blood vessels during surgery, the he-mostatic effect if universally accepted. It has the functions of cutting for tissue dissection and evaporation for coagulation. In the study, we divided six cases of excision for large head and neck skin cancer (about 5 cm in diameter) into two groups (conventional scalpel surgery in 3 cases as group I, laser surgery in 3 cases as group II) for comparative study. Group I experienced blood loss in the range from 200 ml to 550 ml with an average of 400 ml, blood transfusion were needed for replacement. In group II the blood loss was from 100 ml to 250 ml with an average of 170 ml, no blood transfusion was necessary, patients can therefore avoid blood-born infectious diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis and AIDS.

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