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Metastatic Tumors of the Skin: Anlaysis on 82 cases of Cutaneous Metastasis
Ming-Li Tseng, Han-Nan Liu, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 9: 39-45, 1991

The evaluation of tumors that have spread to skin may have profound diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic significances. Patterns of cutaneous metastasis were studied in 82 cases of cutaneous metastasis, registered at the Veterans General Hospital-Taipei from 1971 to 1990. Sixty-seven cases were male and fifteen were female. The distribution of age was from 28 to 89 years old with a mean age of 61.9 years. The most frequent primary tumors in men were carcinomas of the lung (66%) followed by carcinomas of the large intestine (6%), carcinomas of the stomach (4%) and carcinomas of the kidney (4%). The most common primary tumors in women were carcinomas of the breast (40%) followed by carcinomas of the ovary (27%), carcinomas of the lung (13%) and carcinomas of the oral cavity (7%). Metastatic tumor occurred most commonly on the anterior part of the trunk and least on the lower extremities. In the majority of cases, cutaneous metastases were recognized after the discovery of the primary tumor, but in carcinomas of the lung and kidney, cutaneous metastasis could precede the confirmation of internal malignancy. According to previous studies, the incidence of various tumors metastatic to the skin correlated well with the frequency of the primary primary malignant tumors in each sex. However, some cancers commonly happened in Chinese patients such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma , hepatoma and cervical carcinoma hardly ever showed cutaneous metastasis. Therefore factors other than the incidence of primary malignant tumors may be also important in the pathogenesis of cutaneous metastasis.

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