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Regression of Verruca Plana after Inflammation, A Clinico-pathological Study of 8 Cases and Review of Literature
Horng-Tsann Chiou, Shih-Yueh Chen, Ji-Chen Ho
Dermatol Sinica 9: 85-92, 1991

Verruca plana is one of human papillomavirus infection which occurs commonly on face and upper extremity of young individuals. The clinical course may persist for years. We have collected 8 cases of veerruca plana in resolution within recent 2 years. Biopsy was performed in 6 patients. Clinically, the lesions became red, swollen, accompanied by pruritus and a sudden increase in numbers, and disappeared completely after a variable period of 2 to 8 weeks. Histologically, the leesions revealed parakeratosis, spongiosis, exocytosis, and a perivascular lymphocytic infiltration in upper dermis. The inflammatory reaction is a good prognostic sign because it preceeds the involution. An effective treatment must be a method which can initiate a specific inflammatory process of both clinical visible and occult lesions.

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