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Familial Leiomyomatosis Cutis et Uteri (Reed's Syndrome)
Jiunn-Cherng Chen, Chun-Hsiang Chang, Hsu-Po Yeh, Shiu-Feng Huang
Dermatol Sinica 11: 265-275, 1993

A 44-year-old Taiwanese woman had a history of multiple slowly enlarging, occasionally painful, reddish-brown papules on the extensor area of her left lower extremity for 20 years. Examination of biopsy specimens showed typical piloleiomyomas. The patient's mother had similar skin eruptions on the lower back, neck, and chest for more than 35 years and the result of the mother's skin biopsy, 15 years ago, was also piloleiomyomas. The patient and her mother all had total hysterectomy after their last child-birth due to uterine leiomyomas. She was finally diagnosed as a case of"familial leiomyomatosis cutis et uteri (Reed's syndrome)". A further survey of her family revealed that her younger brother had similar skin leisions on the back, which was confirmed to be the same by biopsy. Her youngest son also had several similar papules over his right anterior upper thigh. The mode of inheritance is therefore an autosomal dominant pattern. This is the first familial case-report in Taiwan.

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