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Diabetic Nephropathy with Kyrle's Disease
Huey-Kuang Huang, Tsong-Liang Lee, Ruey-Yi Lin, Herng-Ming Leu Kwang-Rhong Cheng
Dermatol Sinica 13: 13-22, 1995

We report a case of Kyrle's disease with diabetic nephropathy. A 53-year-old female patient had suffered from multiple pruritic papular skin eruptions over both legs and thighs for 4 months. Physical examination showed multiple discrete brownish 2-8 mm hyperkeratotic papules with central keratotic plugs present over both sides of legs, knees and thighs. Histopathological examination revealed an epidermal invagination filled with parakeratotic column and basophilic debris without demonstratable collagen or elastic fibers. Perforation of the epidermis was found at the base of the parakeratotic plug. The keratinocytes at follicles, peri-follicle and eccrine duct showed pale staining of cytoplasm and features of abnormal keratinization. The patient had a long history of diabetes mellitus and subsequently developed chronic renal failure which need hemodialysis in recent three years. Both clinical and histopathological findings fit the diagnosis of Kyrle's disease. After treating with etretinate 25 mg per day for 3 months, the skin lesions subsided, but recurred 9 months later.

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