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Nodular Primary Cutaneous Amyloidosis
Yao-Kun Chiu, Miaw-Shyun Chang Lai, Ji-Chen Ho, Wei-Jen Chen
Dermatol Sinica 13: 23-32, 1995

We herein report a case of primary cutaneous nodular amyloidosis. A 38-year-old man had developed confluent brownish-red, soft, waxy papuloplaques on his left nasolabial fold for 4 months. Histopathology revealed bundles of amorphous, eosinophilic substance occupying the entire dermis with surrounding fibroblasts. Electromicroscopic examination showed long, straight amyloid filaments having close spatial relation with collagen fibrils in the masses.Origin of amyloid fibrils of nodular amyloidosis is still undetermined. Amyloid light chain prtotein produced by plasma cells has been incriminated, however origin from elastic fibers or collagen fibers has also been stated. The findings from our case's H&E stain, special stains and electromicroscopic examination support the statement by Ishii that amyloid deposits were derived from degenerated collagen fibrils.

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