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Cutaneous Alternariosis
Jung-Liang Lee, Hsi-Hsiun Chen, I-Chung Hung
Dermatol Sinica 13: 161-168, 1995

We report a 64-year-old male farmer who was admitted to our hopsital due to degnerative arthritis and thoracic spinal compression fracture. Thre were several pin-head to rice-grain-sized papules and crusts on a dark-red indurated plaque on the right forearm. A biopsy specimen from the lesion showed marked mixed cell granulomatous infiltration in th upper to middle dermis. Conidia were stained deep-red with Periodic acid-Schiff stain within the granulomatous tissue. A part of the biopsy specimen was cultured on Sabouraud's dextrose agar. Coloinies were gray-white molds and the organism was identified as Alternaria spp.. The patient was successfully treatd with ketoconazole 400mg daily for two months and no evidence of recurrence was noted during two-year observation.

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