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Microbiologic Evaluation of Cellulitis
Jia-Sheng Bair, Shao-Yin Ma, Jung-Luh Wang
Dermatol Sinica 14: 76-81, 1996

Thirty-five patients with cellulitis were studied. Clinical manifestation and laboratory data were recorded. Bacteria cultures were performed via five sampling methods: needle aspiration, tissue biopsy, vesicle aspiration, venous blood collection or swab culture from abscess or ulcer. The most common site of lesion was lower limbs (32 cases, 91.4%), especially legs (22 cases, 62.8%). Twenty-three patients were victims of tinea pedis (71.9% of patients with lesions over lower limbs) and seven patients (20%) were infected from wound. Twelve patients (36.4%) got regional lymphadenopathy and seven of them had positive bacteria culture, so higher culture rate was expected among patients with lymphadenopathy (P<0.05). Counts of WBC, titers of ESR, CRP or ASLO was not helpful in predicting positive culture. Total positive bacteria culture rate was 36.4% (12/33). Because uncommon species were isolated in higher ratio, further evaluation should be performed if management is not effective.

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