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Clear Cell Papulosis-Report of A New Case-
Chung-Li Huang, Heng-Leong Chan, Tseng-tong Kuo
Dermatol Sinica 15: 24-27, 1997

n 1987, Kuo et al first reported a newly rectognized skin disease charaterized by multiple white papules in two young brothers. The condition was termed "clear cell papulosis" because of the presence of benign Pagetoid clear cells in the lesional epidermis. Their study concluded that the "clear cells" were aberrant sweat gland cells. Since then, several similar cases were recognized at our hospital including both female and male patients. A new case of a 5-year-old girl is reported, she presented asymptomatic multiple white papules of 3 to 8 mm located mainly on the lower abdominal wall with scattered lesions along bilateral milk lines. The main histopathologic finding was the presence of benign pagetoid clear cells located mainly in the epidermal basal layer. Those clear cells were variably positive for mucin with PAS, mucicarmine, alcian blue, and colloidal iron stains, and immunostained by AE1, CEA, EMA, and GCDEF-15. The positive reaction to GCDEF-15 further supported the sweat gland nature of the "clear cells". They were analogous to Toker's clear cell of the nipple and Paget cells of the extramammary Paget's disease. Differential diagnosis included chicken pox scar, anetoderma, white fibrous papulosis of the neck, and postinflammatory leukoderma. Because of its indistincive clinical appearance, this newly recognized skin disease is easily overlooked. A typical case is reported to call attention to this condition.

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