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Acral Amelanotic Melanoma -A Case Report-
Chorng-Guang Chen, Chang-Lin Chen, Chu-Kwan Wong
Dermatol Sinica 15: 31-35, 1997

Acral amelanotic melanoma is vary rare and often presents as an erythematous and/or ulcerated nodule, easily misdiagnosed as other benign or malignant skin tumor such as pyogenic granuloma or squamous cell carcinoma. We report a typical case presenting with a progressively enlarging, unhealing, protruding, erythematous nodule over the left big toe for 8 months. Histologically, large masses of atypical, undifferentiated tumor cells scattered in the whole dermis and were devoid of any visible melanin pigment. Immunohistology study revealed that the tumor cells were S-100 protein and HMB-45 positive. The dopa reaction was also positive in the tumor cells. There was no evidence of lymph node or visceral metastasis., After the amputation of the left big toe, the patient has been followed up for 35 months and he is still alive with a good general condition.

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