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Laser Hair Transplantation in Orientals
Ren-Yeu Tsai, Hsin-Chun Ho, Dong-Yu Chen, Heng-Leong Chan
Dermatol Sinica 15: 61-66, 1997

Background: The advent of high energy carbon dioxide laser assisted hair transplantation in recent years has made a great advance of implanting technique in the hair restoration surgery, which offers the advantages of less bleeding, time consuming and grafts compression etc. Many laser parameters have been recommended in Caucasian but not oriental patients. Objective: To determine the effectiveness as well as suitable parameters of laser hair transplantation in oriental patients. Methods : Various CO2 laser parameters were used to compare the survival rate with traditional Nokor needle or microdilator on each side of scalp for micrografting. A total of 20 patients jointed the study in the past 18 months. Skin biopsy was performed to examine the tissue effect of different laser parameters. Result : The hair growth was poor than conventional micrografting in the first 5 cases with the CO2 laser parameters of 45-50W, 0.2-0.7 sec. After adjusting the parameters to 55W, 0.1-0.15 sec, the survival rate increased to about 80-90%. In addition, the naturality and density of hair growth were more satisfied in the laser transplanted site by most patients. Conclusion : From our present study, we find the CO2 laser parameters of 55W, 0.1-0.15sec are the appropriat parameter for oriental patients with good clinical result.

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