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Juvenile Xanthogranuloma with Binocular Involvement
Tsun-Cheng Wang, Hsiu-Chin Chen, Lee-Jen Chen, Hsin-Yi Su
Dermatol Sinica 15: 181-185, 1997

A 7-month-old female baby presented with multiple cutaneous papules and haziness of the right eye. The result of skin biopsy was compatible with juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG). The ophthalmologic examination revealed leucoma in the right eye, mile hyphema in the left eye, and bilateral glaucoma. Multiple cutaneous JXG with binocular involvement was diagnosed. Besides, the electro-encephalographic study showed abnormal waves and CT scan showed 2 calcified spots of unknown charaters in the frontal lobe. The patient received acetazolamide (Diamox) and topical carteolol and flumetholon ophthalmic solution therapy, the intraocular pressure gradually turned to normal range and there was no recurrence of hyphema. We herein report the rare case and review the literature briefly.

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