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Analysis of 1022 Skin Biopsies from the Outpatient Clinic of a Regional Hospital
Li-Jye Kuo, Ke-Ming Hung, Jiann-Shang Chou, Chang-Chuan Su
Dermatol Sinica 16: 77-85, 1998

Taipei Municipal Chung Hsiao Hospital is a regional hospital located in the east area of Taipei, in which there are 2 visiting staffs and 4 residents in the department of dermatology. From November 1988 to September 1996, this department treated 180537 patients, of whom 1015 patients (male 56%, female 44%) underwent skin biopsy. All cases with biopsy were classified into 10 categories. The most common diagnoses were nevus (15.3%), cyst (14.8%), tumor of fibrous tissue (11.1%), verruca (7.4%) and benign tumor of the epidermis (7.3%). Cases of precancerous tumor and carcinoma were 3.6%. Agreement between clinical and pathological diagnosis was 62.7% of all cases. Of the agreement the highest is nevus (84.1%; 132/157) and the lowest is appendage tumor (21.7%; 5/23). Of the agreement of benign skin tumors, pigmented nevus is the highest (88.2%; 120/136) and appendage tumor is the lowest (21.7%; 5/23). Of the agreement of precancerous tumor and carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma is the highest ( 94.1%; 16/17). The initial effects of National Health Insurance on skin disease were a 11.8% decrease in the number of total patients and a 24.6% increase in the number of cases of skin biopsy, which influences still await further observation.

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