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Building a Multi-purpose Dermatology Resource on the Internet
Yu-Chuan Li, Hsien-Hung Lai, Chan-Shin Chiu, Chung-Hong Hu
Dermatol Sinica 17: 94-103, 1999

This paper describes a major dermatological multimedia resource in Taiwan, which was named Advanced Dermatology Education Server (ADES). The ADES was built under the infrastructure of the Internet that can be accessed from all over the world through any World-Wide Web browsers. The ADES distinguishes itself with other medical education modalities in that it is ubiquitous, interactive, concurrent, up-to-date and freely searchable. The ADES features three major segments: I. Skin problem Q & A, II. Dermatology in primary care, and III. Dermatologist lounge. Segment I is aimed at providing the general public a place to seek and ask for dermatological information with a "Skin problem FAQ" and an "Ask-a-dermatologist" section. Segment II provides an introductory "Multimedia dermatology course" and a "Simulated patients" for medical students and primary-care physicians. Segment III offers dermatologists a "Dermatologists forum" and a "Dermatology case of the month" section where they can discuss and share their professional experience, opinions and knowledge. The ADES is currently being accessed on the Internet more than twenty-two thousand times a month. Among these visits, 80% came from domestic users and 20% were from international users. These statistics revealed that significant amount of attentions were given by Internet users from the all over the world. We believe that the ADES can complement current medical curriculum for medical students, provide continuing medical education for primary care physicians and further the communications among dermatologists.

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