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Autotransplantation in Segmental Vitiligo by Using Cultured Pure Melanocytes -Analysis of 19 Treated Cases-
Yu-Fu Chen, Pey-Yuh Yang, Chih-Ming Hung, Ming-Ho Huang, Dan-Ning Hu
Dermatol Sinica 17: 193-199, 1999

The application of cultured autologous pure melanocytes in the treatment of vitiligo has been proven valuable in these years. We have modified a procedure to multiply melanocytes from a small specimen of normally pigmented skin taken from the roof of suction blisters. These melanocytes are then planted onto the CO2 laserbrased vitiliginous areas. Nineteen patients with segmental vitiligo were treated .The repigmented portion of the total treated area amounted to 95-100% in 17 patients and 65 to 94 % in 2 patients. No scarring or other sideeffects developed. The results indicate that the method can be valuable in patients with segmental vitiligo.

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