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Pure Epithelioid Spitz Nevus with Easily Bleeding Character A case report & literature review-
Cheng-Lun Hsiao, Su-Ying Wen
Dermatol Sinica 18: 223-228, 2000

Spitz nevus is a rare benign skin tumor. Histologically it may be classified as spindle cell nevus and mixed cell type of spindle and epithelioid cell. Pure epithelioid Spitz nevus is rare. A 24-year-old male had a 0.8×0.8×0.5cm smooth-surfaced, elastic, red-brownish, dome-shaped nodule over the lateral aspect of the right thigh and suffered from one episode of massive bleeding. Clinically it resembled a pyogenic granuloma. Histopathological examination of the lesion showed nests composed of pure epithelioid cells, which are S-100 positive. Massive vascular proliferation was also found. It was a rare Spitz nevus of pure epithelioid cells type.

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