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Umbilical Omphalomesenteric Duct Polyp
Tzu-Wei Hsieh, Chung-Hsing Chang, Hsin-Su Yu
Dermatol Sinica 18: 260-264, 2000

We report a five-year-old boy complained of occasional odored clear mucoid discharge from umbilicus since birth. A 0.3×0.3 cm2 red polypoid nodular lesion occurred in the umbilical dimple and was associated with frequent mild eczematous changes of the surrounding skin. The histopathological findings revealed some ectopic glandular gastrointestinal epithelium mainly in the upper dermis with focal epidermal defect instead of glandular epithelium. Both carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and chromogranin stained the gladular epithelium and mucus contents within the lumen. We diagnosed the tumor as umbilical omphalomesenteric duct polyp. There was no evidence of specific gastrointestinal problems during 2 years of follow-up.

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