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Herpes Zoster with Unusual Presentations-Report of 2 Cases-
Shih-Wei Chu, Hao-Chiung Lin, Chieh-Chen Huang, Beng-Huat Lau
Dermatol Sinica 18: 286-290, 2000

We report two cases of herpes zoster with unusual clinical presentations. Case 1 was a 62 years old healthy male who had herpes zoster over different dermatomes of opposite side, right T11 and left T5-6. Case 2 was a well developed 31/2 years old boy who was admitted to our hospital due to diffuse varicella combined with herpes zoster over left T10 dermatome simultaneously. The above two patients were treated either with oral or intravenous anti-viral acyclovir with good response. No residual complication due to herpes zoster was noted during the follow-up period.

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