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Rupioid Psoriasis with Arthropathy
Yu-Lin Chang, Tzu-Ling Hsu, Ming-Tuo Chuan, Yih-Yiing Wu
Dermatol Sinica 18: 305-310, 2000

We report a rare case of rupioid psoriasis associated with arthropathy. A 35-year-old male had suffered from severe left knee arthritis for 3 months and had limpet-like, cone-shaped rupioid skin lesions on the trunk and lower extremities for 2 months. Histopathology examination revealed prominent parakeratosis, Munro' s and Kogoj microabscesses in the hyperplastic epidermis, moderate inflammatory cell infiltration and dilated capillaries in the markedly edematous papillary dermis. The skin lesions and arthritis subsided in 4 weeks after treatment with oral methotrexate (10 mg per week) and potent topical steroid. There was no recurrence of such skin lesions or arthritis during the 6 month follow-up period.

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