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Cutaneous Metastatic Breast Carcinoma Mimicking Malignant Melanoma
I-Min Wu, Hsien-Ching Chiu, Huang-Chung Lien
Dermatol Sinica 19: 217-220, 2001

Cutaneous metastatic breast carcinoma mimicking malignant melanoma, is a rare condition manifested clinically by hyperpigmented to black papules scattered on the overlying skin of the breast carcinoma or near the postmastectomy scars of breast carcinoma, and histopathologically by the dispersion of melanin-laden melanocytes at the subepidermal area amongst the breast carcinoma cells. We report a case of a 56-year-old female with breast cancer who developed multiple hyperpigmented to black papules over the postmastectomy scars six years after the operation. In this case carcinoma cells infiltrated the whole dermis and dendritic melanin-laden cells were found in aggregates in the upper dermis. The carcinoma cells were positive for cytokeratin, and both estrogen and progesterone receptors, and the melanin-laden cells were positive for S-100 protein and HMB-45.

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