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Cutaneous Manifestations of Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome-A Case Report -
Jeng-Hsien Lin, Wen-Chieh Chen, Mark Ming-Long Hsu, Chia-Jung Hsiao, Bor-Shyang Sheu, Jung-Chang Lee
Dermatol Sinica 19: 288-294, 2001

Cronkhite-Canada syndrome (CCS), first described by Cronkhite and Canada in 1955, is characterized by gastrointestinal polyposis, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, onychodystrophy and alopecia. As compared with complete form of full expression, the incomplete form may lack one or some of the clinical cutaneous manifestations. A 60-year-old Taiwanese man had chronic diarrhea and poor appetite with gradual weight loss over the past one year. Numerous discrete freckle-like macules were scattered over palms and soles, as well as the flexural sides of upper extremities. All the twenty digits, toenails in particular, were slightly clubbing in shape with dystrophic nails. Male-pattern baldness rather than diffuse hair loss was observed. Endoscopy and small bowel series disclosed numerous polyps of varying sizes from the stomach to descending colon; histopathology revealed juvenile polyps with focal adenomatous change. After subtotal colectomy, fingernails have regrown but toenails remained dystrophic. Freckle-like macules over palms, soles, and flexural sides of upper extremities faded and decreased in number, while hair loss was stable. We present this case of incomplete form of CCS, and discuss the differential diagnoses in dermatological aspect.

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