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A Female Case of Reiter's Disease
Pai-Jui Hsu, Chao-Hong Liu, Bor-Jeng Tsai
Dermatol Sinica 19: 336-344, 2001

Reiter's disease is widely regarded as seronegative spondyloarthropathy which is triggered by many different infectious agents in the gastro-intestine or in the uro-genital tract. This disease rarely occurred in women and specific characterizations of vulva and vagina lesions accompanied with marked keratoderma blennorrhagicum are especially rare in oriental women. Herein we report a 32-year-old female with typical Reiter's manifestations. After administration of oral methotrexate (15mg/week), most skin lesions cleared up in about one month of hospitalization but only with limited improvement of her arthritis. In the regular out-patient-department follow up for the next 2 months, no recurrence was noted.

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