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Sebaceous Trichofolliculoma —A Case Report—
Sung-Jan Lin, Tsen-Fang Tsai, Cheng-Hsiang Hsiao
Dermatol Sinica 19: 357-361, 2001

Sebaceous trichofolliculoma is rare. We herein report a case of sebaceous trichofolliculoma in an 18-year-old boy. The tumor presented as an asymtomatic , elastic, dermal nodule with a central opening at the nasal bridge near the left inner canthus. Histologically, the tumor showed a wide branching cavity lined by keratinizing epithelium connected to the surface. There were keratin, corneocytes and hair shafts in the dilated cavity. Radial to the central cavity were abundant well-differentiated sebaceous lobules, sebaceous ducts and hair follicles in various stages of the hair growth cycle.

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