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Follicular Hybrid Cyst-like Hamartoma:Cystic Follicular Hamartoma with Sebaceous and Inferior Segment Differentiation
Hung-Jen Chang Yu-Hong Wu Hsiu-Chin Chen Hsin-Yi Su Tao-Yeuan Wang
Dermatol Sinica 20: 13-18, 2002

Currently it is well established that each of the three parts of the hair follicle (infundibulum, isthmus, and the inferior portion) originates different types of cutaneous cysts1 Thus, we can see several types of follicular cysts include infundibular cysts, trichilemmal cysts, and pilomatricoma. Some hybrid cysts with differentiation toward two different follicular parts also have been reported in previous articles.2-11. We herein report a rare cystic follicular hamartoma. Histopathologically, the inner wall of cyst consists of epidermoid keratinization in most areas. Focal areas of trichilemmal keratinization and pilomatricomatous nests connect these epithelium with abrupt transition, showing distinctive, juxtaposed bimodal differentiation. The outer wall of cyst consists of basaloid cells with horn cysts formation, follicles and sebaceous glands differentiation. These findings suggest the presence of this follicular hybrid cyst-like hamartoma with differentiation toward different parts of hair follicles.

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