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Eosinophilic Panniculitis—A Case Report and Literature Review—
Wan-Ting Chiu Hon-Ru Yu Ming-Tuo Chuan Yih-Yiing Wu
Dermatol Sinica 20: 229-233, 2002

Eosinophilic panniculitis, characterized by a prominent infiltration of subcutaneous fat with eosinophils, is a rare panniculitis. Atopy, allergy, arthropod assault, Streptococcus infection, gnathostomiasis, autoimmune disease, and malignancy may be the associated disorders. We herein present a 22-year-old male with recurrent, itchy and tender erythematous swelling of his chin for 2 years. The histopathology of lesional skin biopsy revealed infiltration of numerous eosinophils in the subcutaneous fat lobules with focal septal extension. Laboratory examinations showed blood eosniophilia and elevated total and specific IgE level. A diagnosis of eosinophilic panniculitis with atopic background was made and the literature was reviewed.

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