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Preliminary Clinical Observations of the "Half-and-half nails" in Chronic Renal Failure with Hemodialysis Patients
Hsiu-Cheng Chang , Hsu-Jung Hsieh , Chang-Long Tai , Chien-Jen Huang, Chao-Hong Liu , Chia-Sheng Chen
Dermatol Sinica 21: 135-140, 2003

204 chronic renal failure(CRF, experiment group) patients versus 213 dermatological clinic patients(control group, age matched with experiment group, exclude hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients) were surveyed for "half-and-half nails". 17 patients in experiment group(17 of 204, 8.3%) showed the "half-and-half nails" phenomenon, but none in control group had this discoloration(p<0.001). Among the experiment group, the "half-and-half nails" were less frequently found in the subgroup(8 of 140 patients,5.7%) with shorter dialysis history(duration < 5 years), but more frequently found(9 of 64 patients, 14.1%) in the other subgroup with longer dialysis history(duration > 5 years)(p<0.05). The "half-and-half nails" were less frequently noted(3 of 103 dialysis patients, 2.9%) in patients younger than 60, but more frequently noted(14 of 101 dialysis patients, 13.9%) in the other subgroup older than 60(p<0.01). The incidence of "half-and-half nails" was not directly associated with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiac disease and stroke(p>0.05).

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