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Blue Light Phototherapy in the Treatment of Acne
Kuan-Hsing Wu, Yi-Lang Hsu, Tien-Yi Tzung
Dermatol Sinica 21: 246-254, 2003

In the past few years, more and more evidence has shown that blue light irradiation is effective against acne. To evaluate blue light phototherapy in the treatment of acne, we designed a prospective and investigator-masked study and 31 patients with mild to moderately severe acne vulgaris on their face were enrolled. Patients’ characteristics, including gender, scarring, pore size and acne distribution, were documented to determine if they could be used as predictive factors of therapeutic effectiveness. Besides, pretreatment fluorescence intensity and intensity change after treatment were documented. Our study showed: 71% patients improved after blue light irradiation twice weekly for four consecutive weeks. Besides, responsiveness after 4 sessions of irradiation can be used as a reference to judge if the patient is a good candidate for phototherapy(85% sensitivity and 73% NPV). Gender, scarring and pore size cannot be used as predictive factors of therapeutic effectiveness (P=.318, .466 and .454, respectively). There was no correlation between pretreatment fluorescence intensity and therapeutic effectiveness(P=.301). Moreover, therapeutic effectiveness was not related to fluorescence intensity change(P=.589). These two findings suggested that blue light has as yet unknown effects in acne treatment in additional to destruction of Propionibacterium acnes.

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