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Widespread Paraffinoma
Kuo-Hsien Wang, Ren-Yeu Tsai , Tin-Wei Lai , Chung-Hong Hu, Woan-Ruoh Lee
Dermatol Sinica 21: 268-274, 2003

Paraffinoma (sclerosing lipogranuloma) is a distinct foreign body reaction caused by the introduction of mineral oils. Widespread paraffinoma is rare and, to our knowledge, has never been reported in Taiwan. We herein report a 34-year-old man with widespread self-inflicted paraffinomas involving multiple anatomic sites. The patient had self-injected vast amount of baby oil and other oily substances (more than two liters) into these lesions in an apparent attempt to cure his muscle inflammation. Histopathologically, multiple empty cysts were seen in the sclerotic dermis and subcutis with the characteristic 浿wiss-cheese?appearance; Oil red O stain demonstrated the presence of lipids within the cysts. We excised three painful nodular lesions and no recurrences were noted after more than three months of follow up.

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