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Female Twins with Incontinentia Pigmenti and Concurrent Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infection
Hsin-Chieh Tang, Tun-Yuan Liu, Chia-Chun Kao
Dermatol Sinica 21: 293-297, 2003

Rows of vesicles over erythematous bases are the typical cutaneous lesions of the first stage of incontinentia pigmenti(IP). But the clinical lesions share the same features with herpetic vesicles. We present a couple of female twins with generalized vesicular eruptions over the trunk and limbs at birth. The pathologic findings were consistent with first stage IP. In addition, an isolated group of vesicles was noted at the vertex of the scalp. Pathologic examination and viral culture proved herpes simplex virus(HSV) infection. Ophtholmologic examination demonstrated retinopathy which consisted of venous engorgement and soft exudates on the retina. Viral cultures of the eyes were positive for herpes virus. Because the course or management of IP and HSV infection is quite different, we suggest that both of the diseases need to be considered in the differential diagnosis of neonatal blistering disorders.

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