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Jaundice and Multiple Tender Nodules on the Lower Legs in a 54-year-old Woman
Hsiang-Ju Tsai, Tseng-tong Kuo* , Sindy Hu , Hong-Shang Hong
Dermatol Sinica 21: 298-299, 2003

Case Report
A 54 year-old woman presented with tender subcutaneous nodules on lower extremities for 2 weeks. One week before the eruption, she also developed jaundice and mild abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed multiple red to brownish nodules on the lower legs without skin necrosis or ulceration(Fig. 1). A skin biopsy was performed and the specimen was submitted for hematoxylin-eosin stain(Fig. 2). Abnormal laboratory results included hemoglobin 11.1g/dl(12-16), amylase 445U/l(27-137), lipase 4292U/l(<190), and total serum bilirubin 9.6mg/dl(0-1.3).

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