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Human Papillomavirus-Associated Bowen’s Diseases of the Neck
Tsung-Hua Tsai , Yu-Hung Wu , Pei-Lun Sun , Hsin-Yi Su , Chin-Yuan Tzen, Hsiu-Chin Chen
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 29-40, 2004

Human papillomavirus(HPV) is known to be involved in the pathogenesis of anogenital cancer. However, it has also been demonstrated in some patients with extragenital Bowen’s disease, mainly on the hands, and it usually involves a mucosal type of HPV. We report a 73-year-old woman who had multiple Bowen’s disease lesions on the nape of her neck. HPV-16 DNA was detected in the lesions by means of PCR and DNA sequence analysis. No anogenital lesions related to HPV infection were present. Periodic examination was recommended. HPV type 16, a high risk mucosal type HPV, has been established as a causative agent of cervical neoplasia, bowenoid papulosis and Bowen’s disease in the genital region. HPV-16 DNA is associated with Bowen’ disease in this case, suggesting that HPV-related Bowen’s disease is not always restricted to the genitalia.

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