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One Indurated Tumor on the Right Thigh in a 50-year-old Patient
Hsin-Chieh Tang , Tun-Yuan Liu , Chia-Chun Kao
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 100-101, 2004

One 50-year-old female complained of one painless skin lesion over the right thigh for 6 months. Dermatologic examination showed one ill-defined, indurated, erythematous to violaceous subcutaneous nodule on the medial side of the right thigh for 6 months(Fig. 1). She denied any systemic disease. Nobody had the similar skin lesions in her family. Other physical examination did not show any abnormal findings such as lymphoadenopathy or hepatosplenomegaly.
Pathologic examination revealed a nodular infiltration within middle to deep dermis(Fig. 2). More than 50% of them are large lymphoid cells with large irregular nuclei and prominent nucleoli (Fig. 3). Most of these large lymphoid cells(80%) were CD30 diffusely positive(Fig. 4). Other immunohistochemical stains including CD 3, CD45R0, CD20, CD15, CD56, CD68 and EMA(epidermal membrane antigen) were negative. Chest X-ray, computed tomography of the chest and abdomen, blood smear, and bone marrow biopsy did not have any abnormal findings.

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