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Ectopic Nail-Report of a Case and Review of the Literature
Chia-Hui Hung , Hung-Wen Kuo , Tzu-Jen Kuo , Po-Han Huang , Ji-Chen Ho
Dermatol Sinica 22 : 183-186, 2004

Ectopic nail is a rare disorder of nail organs, which can be divided into congenital and acquired type. The cases of acquired type are more rare than that of congenital type and frequently caused by inoculation of nail matrix by injury or trauma. The structure of the ectopic nail is similar to the ordinary nail, but it usually grows vertically. There are conflicting opinions concerning why the normal nail grows outward instead of upward. Herein we reported a 67-year-old man with a vertically growing ectopic nail at the plantar aspect of the right big toe without prior definite injury to explain inoculation of a nail matrix into the regional skin. Histologically, the ectopic nail inserted almost vertical to the surface epidermis at root. Roentagenographically, there were no abnormal findings of the distal phalanx of the affected toe.

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